Legal Departments

Guided by industry standards and a deep understanding of the dynamic legal marketplace, we are dedicated to helping legal departments align with their businesses to achieve peak efficiency.

Our services focus on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Strategic prioritization: Defining key measures of success and the role and strategic priorities of the GC, senior legal and compliance team, and the broader legal and compliance department.
  • Organizational structure: Designing national and global organization structures best suited to the changing legal/regulatory environment, business needs and legal department priorities and functions
  • In-house talent: Articulating the roles, responsibilities, and target profiles of key staff members, and attracting, developing, and retaining top talent in these positions
  • Outside Counsel: Defining the role of and optimal approach to managing outside counsel, including outside counsel selection and evaluation, enhancing the effectiveness and value of outside counsel, reducing outside counsel spend, and employing alternative fee arrangements
  • Integration and Knowledge Management: Achieving effective integration and knowledge management within growing legal and compliance departments, between legal and compliance departments and key business units and functions, and between legal and compliance departments and outside counsel.
  • Process redesign:  Redesigning core processes to increase the effectiveness and speed of the legal and compliance department and to reduce costs
  • Culture and performance ethic:  Creating a positive culture and performance ethic within the legal and compliance department, consistent with the department’s roles and responsibilities

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