Law Schools

Consistent with our approach to law firms, we believe that a law school strategy and program should be distinctive and tailored to reflect the school’s unique aspirations, strengths, opportunities, and culture.

For instance, when working with Northwestern Law School, we focused on defining the softer competencies essential to success in today’s legal practice, in part by facilitating focus groups with leading lawyers in the private and public sectors, developing a broad-based consensus for associated changes in the curriculum, and developing a 2-year JD program.

More generally, our services to law schools include:

  • Workshops/Retreats: Conducting structured workshops and /or retreats with boards, administrators, and/or faculty focused on changes and trends in the legal industry, the structure and imperatives of today’s large law firms, and the implications for law schools
  • Interviews/focus groups: Effectively eliciting input and feedback from industry leaders, boards, leading alumni, faculty, administrators, students, and/or other stakeholders to identify strategic priorities
  • Issue-driven review: Partnering with law school teams of faculty and administrators to help address a defined issue or perceived deficit or opportunity, such as attracting target students or faculty, the nature of the curriculum, success in job placement and opportunities to partner with other university schools/programs
  • Broad-based strategic review: Partnering with law school teams of faculty and administrators to conduct an overall review of the school’s mission and programs and develop a strategic plan to ensure continuing distinction and success

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