United Kingdom

London remains one of the world’s leading financial and legal capitals; and UK-based law firms are among the largest in the world, with many having global reach by dint of their platforms and the significant role that UK law continues to play internationally.

Blaqwell has served a wide range of UK-based clients, including Magic Circle, Silver Circle, and national firms, as well as US and international law firms with London presence or growth aspirations.  Within the UK, our team has provided consultation on issues including growth strategy (European, Transatlantic, and Asian), law firm mergers (Transatlantic and European), governance and management, profitability improvement, IT/infrastructure management, and talent among others.

Our partners have a deep understanding of the UK legal landscape based on their extensive experience as business advisors to UK and international firms operating in the UK over the last 15 years and from their pre-Blaqwell careers as UK law firm partners and leaders.

By virtue of our positions in the US and UK legal markets, we have played a role in numerous transatlantic growth initiatives by US and UK law firms, with support to US law firms developing and growing London offices as well as support to US and UK-based law firms in the identification and pursuit of transatlantic merger and acquisition opportunities.

To contact one of our partners, email us at info@blaqwell.com or call us directly at 646.746.8088.