A strong economy and a wealth of natural resources have boosted Canada’s position in the global economy and with it, have substantially enhanced both the global opportunity set for Canadian law firms, and the interest in the Canadian legal market among US and global law firms.

Blaqwell brings a keen understanding of the dynamics that drive the Canadian legal market and a stellar track record in Canada.  We have been advising leading Canadian law firms for many years on issues ranging from strategy to governance and management to client service and development to profitability improvement.   More recently, we have been engaged by multiple US law firms interested in establishing or growing their presence in Canada.

Our combination of knowledge and experience in the Canadian, US, and UK markets makes us the best choice for Canadian law firms facing both the prospect of greater domestic competition from international law firms and the opportunity to establish a more significant global leadership position in the energy and financial arenas among others.

Our partners are also uniquely positioned and increasingly sought out to advise US, UK, and international firms seeking to enter the Canadian market and enhance their Canadian presence whether through transplants, laterals, an acquisition, or a merger.

To contact one of our partners, email us at or call us directly at 646.746.8088.