Global Markets

The pace of globalization has accelerated and the legal industry is no exception.   Cross-border work is often high-profile and high value.  Law firms in mature markets are looking for strategies to capture growth in developing markets such as China, Brazil, India, Russia, and Eastern/Central Europe among others.   And as clients have become more global in their operations, many are looking for integrated cross-border support from their law firms.

We have assisted a wide range of law firms in developing their own, distinct strategies for addressing the globalization of the legal industry whether by building a broad-based global firm, developing a focused international platform aligned to key practice/sector strengths, forging associations or alliances with like-minded, complementary foreign firms, investing in global thought leadership and branding while eschewing bricks and mortar expansion, or refocusing on their domestic market.

Our Partners have experience and insight into key legal markets around the world.  We have served US, UK, and global law firms in developing and implementing growth initiatives in Continental Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa; and in developing the governance and management structures essential to success as a global law firm.

We have also advised law firms originating in many other countries ranging from Italy to the Netherlands to Brazil to South Africa.  Our work for these firms has included issues of domestic and international strategy, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and other associations, governance and management, profitability improvement, talent management, and operations.

Our Partners also bring a deep understanding of what it takes to grow and run a global enterprise based on their experience consulting to global law firms and global firms in other professional service sectors, and on their pre-Blaqwell careers at leading global firms in the consulting and legal professions.

To contact one of our partners, email us at or call us directly at 646.746.8088.